Notes from an insecure web

BitSlip Micro Projects

Our Micro Projects are quick reads complete with code that you can add to and use in your own projects in under 15 minutes.

Identifying OSX Malware

Read Time: 3 minutes Discover tricks hackers use to disguise malware as office documents and other benign files and how you can inspect them to discover malware before being infected.


Unit Testing Your Web Database Code

Read Time: 2 minutes Describes a method for adding unit test support to your existing database abstraction layer. Includes small PHP code samples. Easily ported to other languages.


Inversion Of Control For Security

Read Time: 4 minutes We go through the process of adding an Inversion Of Control Container to any PHP application to support unit testing and filtering of any server side component.


Enforcing Input Filtering

Read Time: 4 minutes Building on last week's inversion of control article we go through a process of enforcing access controls and input filtering on every application endpoint and programmatically enforcing.